Data protection

Data protection

Cookies and Privacy Statement

The Cookie policy and Privacy statement (‘’Privacy Statement’’) is applicable to the use of (personal) information (‘’Personal Information’’) which are collected on the different websites of Eqeep Group B.V. (‘’Eqeep’’). The websites shall be maintained by Eqeep Group B.V.

This Privacy Statement describes the purposes of the data processing by Eqeep in reference to the website, the usage of Cookies and the way you can exert your rights regarding your Personal Information. Eqeep finds it important that the personal information of her relations and the visitors of the website are processed and protected very carefully. Foremost, Eqeep and her subsidiaries has to abide by the acts and rules of the Personal Data Protection Act.

Data Processing

When u visit our website, Eqeep can directly and indirectly collect Personal Information from you. Eqeep handles this Personal Information confidentially and has taken suiting organizational and technical measures to protect your Personal Information. The provided Personal Information shall be used by Eqeep for the purpose of her operational management, to broadcast and provide (marketing)services and to develop (web)statistics. Furthermore, Eqeep can use Personal Information to inform you about products, services and offers of third parties which may be interesting for you. When you send Personal Information to Eqeep via this site, you give Eqeep the permission to use this information for the search of a job or the fulfillment of a vacancy. Your Personal Information shall not be sold or shall not be proceeded to third parties which are not related to Eqeep.

Distribution to Third Parties

Eqeep may use services of third parties. These third parties will get access to your Personal Information as far as it is necessary to perform the services.

Websites of Third Parties

This Privacy Statement is not applicable to websites of Third Parties which you visit by means of this website, for instance via links. Eqeep does not bear responsibility for the usage of your Personal Information by Third Parties.


A Cookie is a small text file which is saved on your hard drive of your computer. By means of Cookies Eqeep can map your interest, so the website of Eqeep can be improved. At the same time, the website of Eqeep can be adjusted to our use. Also, Eqeep can use the information to send you targeted information. You can allow or deny the usage of Cookies by changing the setting of your browser. If you decide to turn off the usage of Cookies, it may be possible that the visited website will not function optimal.

Changing Cookies Policy and Privacy Statement

Eqeep is entitled to make changes to this Privacy Statement. It is recommended to look at this Privacy Statement, so you will be informed about these changes.


The assimilation of the Personal Information will happen carefully and according to the Personal Data Protection Act and other relevant acts and rules. If you have questions, remarks or complaints about the way Eqeep handles your Personal Information, you can contact us via INNEX GmbH, Engerstraße 3-5, 32051 Herford, Tel. +49 5221 10 45 801 or E-Mail info@innex.net

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