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Customer Success Story’s

Customer Benefit through Solutions from Eqeep

Bucher Emhart Glass is a world market leader in glass-forming and glass inspection machines, using CAD to design and manufacture custom components daily. All master data must be maintained in IFS. The company has several locations around the world, and the core tasks vary from site to location.

The designed components must be available as stock items at different locations during the process. The sites have different relationships with each other, which are defined in a so-called scenario.

A scenario contains information about which site is responsible for the basic data of an article, which site produces the article, where it is sold internally, and at which site a sales article is managed. The IFS standard requires that articles are transferred site by site using a transfer template.
The solution designed by Eqeep creates inventory items, sales items, sales item base prices, sales price lists, purchase items, and suppliers for purchase items in less than 2 seconds, depending on the scenario. It should be emphasized that all basic data, defined by the scenario, is created according to the process defined by Bucher Emhart Glass.
At this point, Eqeep has developed another solution for cost calculation that ties in process-wise with the article transfer described here. Here, the item costs per location are calculated in a simulation cost table and copied to the production cost table. The sales article base prices, sales price lists, and vendor price lists are adjusted to the prices resulting from the calculation.

Bucher Emhart Glass goes one step further and transfers the updated item prices fully automatically to open sales orders and orders of the internal supply chain.
All open order items are then compared for price differences to the supplier price list, updated, and sent as a summary by e-mail. Furthermore, all sales order items are compared with the price of the supplier price list and sent by e-mail. These adjustments run daily as background jobs.
At the go-live of Bucher Emhart Glass, a fully automated cost calculation of about half a million inventory items was performed. All costs were calculated in IFS and not migrated. According to IFS, Bucher Emhart Glass was the first customer to use this approach.

Bucher Emhart Glass says:
„Without this automation, we would need an army to maintain the master data“
One highlighted is that the susceptivity to errors in manual data maintenance and cost updates is minimized.

The solutions are implemented without a core modification.

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