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Business Consulting

INNEX Business Consulting will translate your business strategy into tactical and operational processes. For this we make use of IFS EOI. The IFS Enterprise Operational Intelligence (EOI) solution forms part of the IFS visual insight strategy and enables a full 360-degree, enterprise wide, top down perspective of processes and performance aligned with the business strategy. Then we take care of the actual implementation of these processes. Clear described processes which are consistent with strategic objectives allow you to control the operation using dashboard functions and exception management. We can also help to optimize your processes. Through the mapping of your current processes we bring the 'AS- IS' situation map. Based on this information, we conduct interviews and then map the information to the 'TO- BE' situation. On the basis of a communication plan, we provide support within the organization in the implementation of process changes. We provide business consulting independent of system and industry. Our extensive knowledge of a variety of organizations and applications, will ensure that your business optimization will be carried deep into the application.

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